Starting a Memory Quilt

Time to dive in! I’m starting with the baby clothes. They have the cutest little appliques, but also the most challenging to fit into the triangle for cutting because of their tiny size.

Here’s an example. The bulldog was up near the top of the neckline but I couldn’t fit the appliqued numbers with one cut. I cut off the bulldog and then attached it to the sleeve to make a larger piece of fabric. Even though I had to shave off a little of the number, I now have two triangles.

In order to use the bib, I place the triangle on top and mark the edges with pins.

Then I take SP-101 and iron it on the back.

Now the bib is ready.

Here’s what I mean about the baby clothes being too small. For this onsie I need to remove the sleeve binding which would have been too thick to fit into the seam allowances.

Now I’m ready to cut the rest of the baby clothes without appliques and get them ready with the SF-101 and then cutting.