Vision - The Why of Quilting

I’ve been in the process of seeing a vision for my life. It's about time, right?

This vision is to be a world-class quilter. Many of my friends say that I already am. I say, “The world doesn’t know it yet.”

The first step to my vision is the question, why? My answer is that I quilt to give the gift of beauty and for people to love colors like I do. Another reason is to share something of value. I know that there is a long-standing debate about art quilts. Including arguments like "they’re women’s work" and "they're made for beds." I've seen many quilts I think don't belong on a bed. That's my opinion, of course.

Maybe the most significant reason for my vision is to be part of a conversation. In a world where division makes headlines, and the “feel good” stories get pushed to the last few seconds of the news, I want to insert inspiring words on my quilts. That’s where my heart is.

My next quilt project will be primarily black and white. Technically, they’re colors but not ones I’ve been drawn to.

I’m excited to see my vision for this quilt come to life. The idea has been running around in my head for months—I won’t say those months add up to years. But time is not a factor in a good idea. It must be if it’s still in my head.