Singer 31-15 Industrial Treadle

Or, How the Treadle Stopped Turning

The beautiful treadle that I had so much hope for and have since learned that she really wasn’t cut out for what I wanted to do with her, are going to remain just friends.  The relationship showed a lot of promise.  She was just the machine to use when I thought I couldn’t handle an industrial motor.  I could get a workout when I treadled and I could use her if there was an interruption in electrical power.  Such dreams.  A sewing tranquility that a noisy machine couldn’t provide.

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How to Make a Pillowcase

There are lots of pretty papers and decorated boxes to wrap presents on the market today. Ever think of making a pillowcase to wrap your gifts in? I started making them last year.

My daughter likes nature; my granddaughter likes owls; and my grandnephews are crazy about vehicles. I found fabric to fit all those needs.

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The Most Important Rule In Sewing

To Iron or Not to Iron

When I was growing up, my chore was to do the family ironing. Tedious, maybe, but I had the whole basement to myself and a TV to keep me company. Today, I rarely touch an iron to my clothes.

But, it’s the most important step in making a garment or a quilt. It’s the difference between having a garment that looks professionally made instead of one that looks homemade. No matter your level of sewing, pressing is THE MOST critical step. Yes, it takes extra time and sometimes I’d like to skip it if I’m in a hurry, but I don’t. I expect to spend about as much time at my ironing board as I do at my sewing machine.

Any brand of iron that gets hot and stays hot will work! Steam is my personal preference.

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The Singer 31-15 Treadle and Me

As The Treadle Turns


This will be a continuing story, hopefully with a happy ending.

I own a Pfaff 7570. It’s been with me for over ten years. We have bonded. I can sew just about anything with her. But, the old girl is getting on in machine years and the electronics may not last. Plus, she wasn’t made for heavy duty sewing even with IDT (Integrated Dual Feed).

Because I like the Pfaff brand, I bought a Quilt Expression™ 4.2. Alas, I only use it for quilting (or when my other Pfaff is in for its yearly checkup). It’s better to have it cleaned and oiled before you have problems.

My friend bought an industrial machine and I was jealous. She could zoom through projects like there was no tomorrow. I tried it, but those big motors are scary. I wasn’t sold. But, I went with my friend when she tried out her machine and there in the same room was a Singer 31-15 treadle machine. It was beautiful, with no scary motor. I could imagine the rows of treadles in the shirtwaist factories, seamstresses huddled over their machines, treadling away. So much history. The owner of the shop showed me how it worked. She even let me try it. It was SO much fun. A big drawback was that it wasn’t for sale. I threatened to put it in my handbag when she wasn’t looking. It didn’t work.

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