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Chloe - Quilted Cotton and Canvas Tote Bag

This dedicated knitting/craft tote bag is made from 100% cotton from Rifle Paper Company Meadow Collection that I quilted and used for the sides, bottom and pockets of the bag.  The front and back of the bag is the same Meadow Collection in a canvas fabric. There are four handy pockets on the outside.

  • long enough for your knitting needles;
  • easily stores a knitting/craft project 

This bag uses a 16” hex frame.  These frames are so handy to use, they pop open to a hex shape, and they stay open while you’re rummaging around for your scissors, yarn etc. (perfect for 2 handed search missions into your bag) and then they spring shut when you bring the edges together.

It is lined with a bright gold 100% cotton fabric.  There is a padded pocket on one side and three smaller pockets on the other side.  It is also lined with soft and stable to make it sturdy and able to stand by itself.


Length:  16" (at the top) and 9-1/2" on the bottom

Height:  12-1/2”

Depth:  6”

Handle Drop is:  9-1/2"

*Bag will be folded slightly at the top to fit into the shipping box.