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This dedicated knitting/craft tote bag is pieced and machine quilted using 100% premium quilting cotton.

  • long enough for your knitting needles;
  • easily stores a knitting/craft project; and
  • slim line so you can zip around town.

If you are not a knitter you may know someone who is (this bag would make a cool gift).

This bag uses a 14” hex frame.  These frames are so handy to use, they pop open to a hex shape, and they stay open while you’re rummaging around for your scissors, yarn etc. (perfect for 2 handed search missions into your bag) and then they spring shut when you bring the edges together.

It is also lined with 100% premium quilting cotton.  There is a 7” zippered pocket to store your scissors or notions.  The detachable strap is made from the same fabric and uses brass hardware.



8-1/2” H x 16” W x 3-1/2” D

Strap measures 41"