Paper Piecing Is Not For Sissies

If you think this is a how to on paper piecing, then you’re in the wrong place. If you want a free ticket to the loony bin; a do not pass go into Neverland, then paper piecing is your man. 

I’m doing a challenge for the Modern Athens Quilt Guild called purple paper piecing. It doesn’t have to use the whole 18” square, it can just be a portion of it.  While looking for patterns and/or ideas, I found a mini-trajectory pattern on Craftsy.  Seemed simple enough.  Ha!  My brain I s hurting from trying to figure out which way to position the fabric.  The first square went pretty well and I thought “this won’t be so bad.”  I had to take the second square out twice before I got it the way it was supposed to be.  I’m on square seven. I’m crossing my fingers that the next 23 squares will go as planned.  There must be a rhythm, right?

I guess I should never say never, but I think this will be the last time I will do paper piecing. Although, I also found a paper pieced bird that looked like it would be interesting.  Maybe when the smoke clears.

The reason I got into quilting was because of the modern movement. Less precise piecing. Although, with more negative space there probably is more thought process involved to get the placements right.  It's not something you can do with the TV on or something mindless, it does take thought.

If you want an intelligent, well-instructed tutorial on basic paper piecing, here’s a link to my friend, Sylvia Schaefer, from Flying Parrot Quilts (also a Modern Athens Quilts member).  As an expert, she’ll tell you how to do it right.  Hopefully, so your brain won’t be smoking.